About us

Maman, Jules et Léa


The adventure started in 2013! I was expecting my little girl, Lea. I was looking for clothes adapted to my new shapes, both comfortable and inexpensive but fashionable! Then I soon realized the difficulty of finding these rare gems! I remembered being in tears in the fitting room, telling me "Emilie, you can't put that on!". Yet, I had to buy these clothes by lack of choice! In fact, I wasn’t the only mother-to-be who met such difficulties to find nice clothes!

After three years of reflection, I decided to mix my different passions: fashion, web, social networks and events in order to create “Maman, Jules et Lea”.

Maman, Jules et Lea, is the new shop for expectant mothers! You will discover a selection of trendy clothes that make pregnant women in value; clothes in which they feel good and beautiful! But it is also a collection of clothing that they can wear again after their pregnancy... A clever long-term investment, isn’t it?

Maman, Jules et Lea: three experiments, three platforms of "privileged shopping-pleasure".

Indeed, mothers-to-be can buy clothes on our online site, in our showroom but also in our pop-up shops (ephemeral stores)!

Thanks to the itinerant pop-up shop, we transfer our store. So we can meet a lot of other expectant mothers allowing them to try on clothes in a "cocoon" atmosphere.

As far as I am concerned, I think it is important for expectant mothers to feel good, to be welcomed but also to get some good advice.

Maman, Jules et Lea: more than a store, a fun shopping!